At Alaya House, we have been working with our clinical partner, APMHA HealthCare and Standby to enact our business continuity plan due to the increased likelihood that our providers and our patients will be directly impacted by COVID-19. As we continue to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation regarding COVID-19, our aim is to minimise infection / transmission of COVID-19 whilst ensuring the continuation of much needed mental health services. Therefore, we are making some short-term changes to how we provide counselling services.  We want to make sure that you can access counselling while we all support Australia’s strategies to reduce the impact of the virus.

Current APMHA contractors (including those who work at Alaya House) and GP Clinics have been sent direct correspondence regarding this, however the key thing to consider are:

  • Referrals to the bushfire counselling service will continue through 1300 514 811 number.
  • Referrals for PTS or PMH-CCC Programs are to be faxed and GPs will not be required to phone APMHA to facilitate referral of a client. Instead, APMHA will require the fully completed MHTP (including mental state, risk and consent) to be securely faxed / emailed directly to our intake and allocations team.

            Please send referrals via Secure fax 03 9376 0317 or secure email to [email protected]

  • GPs will be asked to provide each referred patient a copy of the APMHA Telehealth Counselling – FAQs and please outline to the patient that there is a high potential that face to face counselling may not be available under the current circumstances.
  • GPs should be mindful that there is still an 8-10 week waiting period for patients (other than bushfire impacted / affected patients).
  • For GPs requiring urgent consultations / secondary advise – please contact us via the number provided to you in earlier correspondence.
  • Patients will be SMS’d by our intake team on receipt of the referral and informed of any waiting period and waiting support plan (as they do currently)
  • APMHA is instigating a provisional referral pathway for patients impacted by COVID-19. For patients who are fearful to attend the GP practice, or are in self-isolation / quarantine, please see the provisional pathway provided to you in earlier correspondence.

Current Clients of PTS/PMH-CCC

If you currently access face-to-face counselling through an APMHA program, your counsellor will contact you to discuss telehealth counselling options. Telehealth means accessing your counsellor through phone or video options, which can be set up easily and securely through your landline, smartphone, tablet or laptop devices. Your counsellor will discuss the different options with you and help you to install a safe platform or program, if needed. 


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