Welcome to Alaya House. Our aim is to create a welcoming, safe and supportive space for community members of all ages, who require specialised support with mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues and psycho-social disability in the Goulburn Valley region.

In 2019,  APMHA HealthCare and Alaya Partners Australia joined forces in a strategic partnership to establish our first mental health wellness hub located in Shepparton, Victoria. Our aim is to create a Hub which focus on wellness, recovery and supporting people to live a full and contributing life as determined by them.

By establishing this hub, we can ensure a physical presence in the region and create a holistic team approach with our various funded local mental health services and workforce. With the support of the 2019 Victorian Regional Readiness Fund(VRRF) grant, this vision has now become a reality.

As of the 1st of July 2019, Alaya House opened its doors to the Shepparton community and surrounding areas. This hub offers:

Our Vision

Provide holistic, team-based, mental health stepped care for people experiencing mild mental illness through to psychosocial disability.

Our Mission

To position Alaya House as one stop shop for people with a mental illness or psychosocial disability and increase the region’s capacity to service NDIS plans with high quality mental health services.

Our Team

Jennifer Craggs

Accredited Mental Health Clinician for PTS/CCC Programs

More about Jennifer

Jennifer Craggs is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with extensive experience across a wide range of mental health areas. Her experience in senior clinical roles includes working with aged and indigenous mental health (public, private and indigenous health settings) and comorbidity and complexity in adult, youth and child client groups.

Jennifer is also a Principal Master Trainer for Mental Health First Aid Australia and is able to deliver a wide range of mental health training to allied health providers, health professionals, carers and the general community.

Jennifer has used her extensive experience to implement innovative approaches to clinical recruitment, credential auditing, supervision, mentoring and supporting a national workforce. Jennifer is currently focused on providing information, education and mentorship to APMHA HealthCare and Alaya House clinicians, that will enable them to keep pace with the rapidly changing environment of Primary Mental Health and Disability Services across Australia.

Glenn Canning

Standby Murray - Community Development Worker - GV & NE

More about Glenn

Glenn Canning is an experienced client care coordinator with a diploma of Welfare. He has extensive experience coordinating client care in multidisciplinary environments, to achieve positive mental health outcomes for a variety of vulnerable client groups.

Glenn started with APMHA HealthCare & Alaya House as a Clinical Care Coordinator in PMH-CCC program, where he worked closely with clients to ensure a collaborative approach to their treatment. In this role, his proficiency in the NDIS processed has become a valuable addition to our clinical services and client support. He now works as our Regional Standby Coordinator and Community Development Worker for the Goulburn Valley and North East regions of Murray PHN where he ensures appropriate support is given to families/friends/community bereaved by suicide.

Aminah Fazlic

Administration Officer

More about Aminah

Aminah Fazlic has experience in administrative and accounts management and is the newest member of our Shepparton team.

As Alaya House’s administration and project officer, Aminah is the face that greets you at Alaya House. Aminah’s willingness to learn and attention to detail has been a fantastic addition to the team, especially while setting up this new facility. 

Dr Michael Moon

General Practitioner

More about Michael

Liane Margis

Accredited Mental Health Clinician for PTS/CCC Programs

More about Liane
Liane Margis is a psychiatric nurse with around 30 years of experience. She has worked in public and private hospital settings and public and private community settings as a counsellor/psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and music therapist.
Having traveled more on the education rather than the management field. Liane has traveled around Victoria training staff in psychiatric facilities and has also been involved in training police. In her later role of psychiatric nurse consultant for a large public health facility, Liane was involved in running and teaching the graduate nurse program, coordinating student nurses and writing and training programs in aggression management, communication and working with people who have mental health problems, across all areas and campuses of the facility. She has also trained people in other areas, such as ASIST, BLS, Counselling, and stress management, amongst others.
Liane moved into private practice in 2008, where she worked with a number of Medical Clinics under the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program seeing clientele for case management, counselling and psychotherapy. She moved to Shepparton to take a position as Dual Diagnosis coordinator several years ago and is now working in private practice, which she loves.

Margaret Lingard

Accredited Mental Health Clinician for PTS/CCC Programs

More about Marg
Marg Lingard has practiced as a registered general and mental health nurse for 25 yrs+. Marg has worked in a variety of roles including: acute inpatient units in Victoria and Queensland, worked in Community Mental Health in Case Management, Acute Response Teams and Triage. Marg has also worked in Forensic in a 2IC position working across 2 prison sites in Victoria for over 4 years. Marg worked in Primary Mental Health for several years before transitioning to APMHA Health Care in 2017.  Marg is working across a number of programs, PTS, MH-CCC and  Older Minds Mental Health Program providing support to these clients.
Marg has a keen interest in Meditation and Mindfulness and how these practices benefit mental health and recovery by empowering clients with a sense of internal strength, resilience and peace.

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